The Kaizen Team

Few management graduates from in India come to gather for a common goal to provide problem identification and solution through market research. The Kaizen team comprises of members with various background of engineering, economics, technology, commerce and statistics.

The young entrepreneurs have experience of 3 to 5 years in various industries and functionalities of business. Their energy and passion to work towards research solutions lead to innovations.

The backbone for Kaizen is a The Kaizen Mentor Team, comprises of various experience and expertise under one roof of KMRC. The Kaizen Mentors are having experience of 15 to 25 years in to different industries like banking, retail, technology, energy, manufacturing and consulting. The business functionality of Kaizen Mentor Team includes marketing, operation, strategy development, general management and many more.

The success track record of KMRC in last 2 years shows the capability to ‘Change For The Best’. The Kaizen team has capability to work for any industrial and consumer problems. Kaizen considers any project as a challenge and work towards the solution with ‘Continuous Improvement’, this leads to higher satisfaction of our client and long term engagement.

KMRC has client satisfaction index of 96% and client engagement of 85%. KMRCs’ client centric processes and work flexibility is the key factor for these achievements.