SME Consulting

The SME Consultation services are for Small to Medium Enterprises in India and globe to empower them with the management support and business consultation. Our range of services helps management team for all business functions such as Marketing, Sales, Strategy development, Finance, Technology etc.Companies may need business plan formation or strategy development activity which can be outsourced completely or partially to Kaizen Market Research and Consultants, where our team of professionals and a mentor panel can help businesses to achieve their aim in systematic manner.

This service is suitable for the companies which are competing large organized players in market, the company also wants to get differentiated itself from the peer companies of the same size. These SMEs have big visions, excellent products and services and still finding it difficult to grow up to a desired level. Many times these companies face challenges due to internal or external factors which force them to either innovate or to depress.

We have an expert panel from various backgrounds such as Economics, General Management, Finance, Operations, Human Resource, Product Development, Promotion Specialists, International Business and Supply Chain. Our Panel Members (some of them are our mentor as well) are well experienced from 15 to 30 years in their respective fields.

Our large databank of market research reports helps the panel to get market insight and build business plan. The market research reports are of different segments and industries which solves different business challenges. The reports also answer business feasibility assessments and business expansion opportunities.

This SBU of KMRC also helps Entrepreneurs to understand idea feasibility and start-up formulation as a part of our ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR).

The consultants’ members profile is as below :

  • General Manager Of a Manufacturing Company
  • Sales Head of an Indian FMCG Company
  • Product Manager for a leading technology company
  • Owners of small to medium business
  • Retired AGM and directors of Industrial Applications Org.
  • Professors from IIM-A and other business schools
  • HODs of technical institutions
  • Director of a media and direct marketing company

  • The SME Consulting Process:

    Benefits of SME Consulting

  • One point solution for any business problems or business opportunities
  • Successive model, specially designed for SMEs
  • Expert penal from various business functionality and industry
  • Detailed report with implementation measures
  • Collaboration with MPO team who can implement the strategies
  • Special services for Start-ups and entrepreneurs
  • Successive model for charges
  • Client can be part of the discussion to share and abstracts the insights