Sales Support Service

Kaizen SMPO is an extended hand for our clients sales team, where it helps into various functions of a sales team. The objective of Sales Support Service is to bring a professional approach into sales process and gives the client a competitive edge by sharing the sales responsibility.

Kaizen SMPO equips the client sales team with our value centric Sales Support Services to make it time saving, cost effective and result driven.  It has advantages such as it helps reach to its 100% potential (for B2B).

At Kaizen SMPO, our services are not limited to define the sales strategy only but it also extends to provide implementation by hands-on support on the development of an efficient sales system which can help client meet their objective even with a small team size. We aim to make sales team evolve according to the market need & trend.

Our Sales Support services are following:

  1. Sales Audit
  2. Mystery Audit
  3. Database generation
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Lead Profiling/Account Profiling
  6. Competition Mapping & Analysis
  7. Go-To-Market Strategy
  8. Geographical Expansion & Location Identification
  9. Design & Setup Sales Channel
  10. Development of Sales Channel
  11. Distributor/Dealer Due Diligence
  12. Client Retention Strategy & Consulting
  13. Price Tracking Study
  14. Preparation of Sales Plan
  15. Preparation of Sales Strategy
  16. Customer Mapping/Demand Mapping
  17. Sales Training (Scientific)