Market Research

The market research services comprise the entire tool which requires building market strategy or business plan. Market research is the essential tool for any business to understand market opportunities and develop marketing strategies.

Market research can be used as a decision support system, where the key decisions can be implemented with help of market research reports. Kaizen Market Research And Consultancy is among the leading market research companies in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Pune, Banglore and in India which provide services such as consumer behaviour, market size, opportunity analysis and business analysis.

Kaizen Market Research And Consultancy develops market research reports which helps business owners and decision makers to have market information from trusted sources. We have developed different marketing research services where our client gets competitive advantages with business intelligence.

We are pleased to offer our unique services as a market research company in Mumbai,Banglore, Pune,vadodar,Gujarat and Ahmedabad. Our end to end research services include research design, data collection, analysis, analytics, interpretations and report presentation.

The Market Research division deals with systematic collecting, analyzing and interpreting data such as it helps the decision maker to take right decisions at right time and right place. There are mainly two types of researches which are problem identification research and problem solving research.

Our Market Research Services are as below:

Industrial Market Research (business to business)

• Demand Estimation and Sales Forecasting
• Customer Satisfaction Survey / Vendor Satisfaction Survey / Employee Satisfaction Survey
• Techno Economic Feasibility
• Export Market Identification
• Competitive intelligence
• Analysis of consumers on pricing, packaging and buying attitudes
• Corporate Image Studies
• Strength & Weakness analysis / SWOT Analysis
• Price Point Analysis
• Supply Demand Analysis

Consumer Market Research (business to consumer)
• Market Sizing and Market Potential
• Feasibility Analysis
• Market Entry Strategy
• Product Research
• Pricing Research
• Advertisement Research
• Distribution Analysis
• Consumer Behaviour Analysis
• Customer Satisfaction Survey
• Consumer Research
• Competitive intelligence
• Strategic Analysis
• Business Performance Analysis
• Business Expansion Analysis

Along with market research report submission, now it’s time for client to get return on investment on the Market Research Expenditures. Our MPO (Marketing Processing Outsourcing) division holds the hand of client to implement the outcome of market research which gives the actual return on marketing research expenses.