Market Access

As the name describes, it is access to a new market. The access is not limited to make a compatible situation but also help the client in developing strategy to enter and expand.Many times Indian companies want to access some foreign market while some foreign player wants access to India. KMRC has a capability to provide both the services. We have integrated our Global Data Collection SBU with this service.

The geographical expansion and market expansion need to understand new market, its trend and performance of competitors. This shall also cover future opportunity on short medium and long run. A detailed Market Access Report shall be submitted to client which not only suggest the strategies but also describe the tactics client should use to apply those strategies.

Market Entry Study

This study is designed for a client who wants to enter into new market or segment. This model is a combination of more than two types of studies such as Competitive Analysis, Concept Testing and Demand Estimation Study. There shall be a complete report on the Market Entry Strategy where all the key aspects must be taken care. The study explains a step by step process on how to enter into market and have a substantial market share.

Business Expansion

Expansion can be of geographical expansion, product expansion, segment expansion, market expansion and others. This can also be horizontal expansion or vertical expansion in the same business. Before expanding, it is important to understand the opportunity and the cost involved with the same. Not only the present situation but also future prediction required, as short term supply-demand gap is not a long-term opportunity to enter into that business. KMRC validates the profitability and risk Vs reward for the expansion opportunity, client is looking for.

Collaboration and Merger And Acquisition

Starting from selecting potential partner to complete back check and due diligence, this service is integrated with another SBU, Marketing Processing Outsourcing. When any companies are starting new joint venture or some time collaboration, it is important for them to understand the soft area of the proposed partner. KMRC does their customer satisfaction, supplier satisfaction, employee satisfaction, company financials analysis, certification, view of regulatory body and association etc. This is to save time of our client in verification and assessment of information provided. Also a systematic evaluation process helps KMRC to fulfill this in organized manner in limited timeframe.

Diversification Strategy

Diversification may have same Market Research Services used, however there are some differences as the diversification shall be on a new area and the core competencies, focus and experience would be on the existing business. There is more need in case of diversification as majorly the scale of diversification would be much more than a new business startup, the client is confident in this area however a Market Research Support is require and at last the fund would come from existing business. Kaizen Market Research and Consultancy keep this information in mind and consult with clients based on their requirement.