India Market Entry

At Kaizen SMPO, We help companies to enter in India with pre- defined market knowledge and concrete entry strategies. Kaizen SMPO has scientific approach and set of procedures for India market entry.

We support our clients from very first step which is “making decision to enter in India” to “formulation of the strategy” to “implementation of the strategy”.

Backed by a core market research background, Kaizen SMPO understand the need of an organization intend to enter in cross country. Our core values are transparent process, Customized solutions and professional approach.

We are associated with leading industry associations, networks, bodies & corporate and government organizations. We are also backed by strong network of Legal advisors, Industry experts, Technology suppliers, advertisement agencies, Human resource consultancies, Logistics partners and Finance consultants.

Our range of services for Market entry in India includes:

Before entry:

  1. Understanding the demand & supply
  2. Understanding the feasibility to enter into market
  3. Competition Surveillance/Monitoring
  4. Identification of key customer and its potential for target product
  5. Strategies the entry medium (i.e. Import trade market, Owned sales setup. Manufacturing & Production)

At the Time of Entry :

  1. Company Formulation and legal Advisory
  2. Partner Search – Business Partners, Technology Partners, Manufacturing Partners, Country Partners
  3. Location feasibility study
  4. Sourcing of Equipment, Raw materials, Suppliers etc
  5. Recruitment of Key personnel (Head Hunting)
  6. Sales Channel Setup
  7. Defining Sales Strategy
  8. Under going through B2B Direct marketing
  9. Sales support services
  10. Building Logistics, Supply Chain and Distribution

Support Services (Retainer ship)

  1. Accounting & Finance (Shared CFO)
  2. Channel Partners and Strategic alliances
  3. Logistic
  4. Human resource support
  5. IT support service
  6. Tender tracking & bidding