Export Opportunity Identification

We help the companies expand their market beyond the boundaries through knowledge, experience and network. Kaizen SMPO has developed a model for the identification of the right market to export and tap the export opportunities.

Kaizen SMPO helps manufacturers and suppliers with different methodology to look into the export opportunities in the highest profitable way. Our core focus lies into leveraging the product strength and creating the best value by positioning to the potential export market.

The Export Identification Services broadly cover

  • Understanding client products and its potential into different export markets;
  • Identification of right country to export pertaining to the product features;
  • Evaluate existing exports with total volume and value of the same category;
  • Understanding the feasibility and attractiveness of target region;
  • Understand the policies, taxation and other key parameters for the target countries;
  • Understanding the price feasibility considering the logistic cost, duties and overhead costs Vs the prevailing price in the market;
  • Identifying the key USPs and value proposition with a reason to enter into typical markets;
  • Understanding possible channels to market the products into the target country;
  • Defining the strategies on various business parameters such as price, product features, product approvals, distribution network, logistics and other key business factors.
  • The guideline shall be provided by our Import Consultants and Export Consultants with recommendations under our Import-Export services;
  • Competition export analysis can be submitted to understand competitor movements and area of focus;
  • Upcoming opportunities or latent demand due to change in legislation or country relations can be highlighted to the client for addressing the prompt opportunity;
  • Access to Kaizen SMPO verified supporting agencies such as CHA agents, export house, clearance agency, carry forward agency, legal advisers, Pre-purchase and post purchase audits etc.

In accordance to above services, Kaizen SMPO has access to the import and export data for majority of active ports which can give following raw information:

Overall export volume and its breakup based on :

  • HS code wise export wise
  • Country wise export wise
  • Product category/grade wise
  • Port of export wise
  • Port of import wise
  • Month wise import/export
  • Details of typical consignments
  • Key exporters from India
  • Key importers in the target country (with volume)
  • Average price

The export opportunity is not limited to finding the right country only, however it also includes how to enter, when to enter and why to enter. This service is applicable to any industrial or consumer products.

Our clients have derived values through this service and makes informed decisions to address the export opportunities. Our broad view and scientific approach helps our client to create an edge over the competition and optimizing the effort for the export opportunity activities.

Subscription for monthly Import-Export Report:

Kaizen SMPO has also designed a standard report model which shall give month wise import-export report which helps the management to track the export volumes, competitor activities, price dynamics, duties and other quantitative analysis.

The subscription package is as below:

Reports Price (in INR)
Monthly Subscription (import or export) 35,000
Half Yearly Subscription (import or export) 1,80,000
Annual Subscription (import or export) 3,00,000


  • Above subscription means, one HS code (8 digit) for one port only;
  • There shall be report evaluated by export consultants submitted;
  • Above price is for standard report only; there shall not be any customization;
  • At the time of purchase of subscription, HS code / product category shall be finalized and the report shall be accessible for the same;
  • The report shall be in PDF format;
  • Competition consignment volume/value shall be confidential and shall be used for the understanding of market trend and we expect the ethical practice from the user of report;
  • There shall be GST charged separately on after value.