Dealer Identification

At Kaizen SMPO, We understand the vital role of a local partner or distributor of an organization. We help to search local partner which gives an access and a reach to new territories. We also help foreign companies to facilitate to acquire local partners and spread their network.

Key Objective addressed by Dealer Identification Services:

  • Expanding the reach;
  • Entering into new geography;
  • Penetration in the existing market;
  • Dealer network assessment;
  • New channel identification;
  • Facilitating foreign companies seeking local partners;
  • Expand the reach through retail/after market;


Our services help organizations on following ways, who are looking for local partners or distributors:

  1. Dealer network assessment;
  2. Understand the regional market
  3. Assess current/future network opportunities
  4. Find prospect channel partners and locate opportunities
  5. Optimize the dealer networks
  6. Quick reach to market change
  7. Increase sales, market share, market coverage and profitability
  8. Deliver a network of reliable business partner for long term