Global Data Collection

We are highly professional in demand estimation study in Ahmedabad, Pune, Vadodara, Banglore,Mumbai and in India. The demand estimation study includes identifying market potential and market share of target products. The outcome of this market research study will be market size, market segmentation and market share. There will be market analysis done through market survey and marketing research.

Customer satisfaction can create an impression among the clients as a company which has concern for their clients and keep regular monitoring on the business aspects. The study can also have deliverable of competitive benchmarking, where various parameters can be evaluated among customers with respect to other supplier or competition.

Customer satisfaction survey is a continuous process, where an organization does these activities on timely manner to continuously track the performance of the organizations. This process helps the business to sustain with the current trends and customer experience.

The customer satisfaction survey is more effective in case of B2B companies, where it helps to retain the customer for longer time. As we all know that to acquire customer is a challenge, and it is more important to retain existing customers than acquire new customers.

The satisfaction level generally breakup into following parameters:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Location wise, functionality wise, unit wise satisfaction
  • Net Promoter Score – NPS
  • Engagement Vs Impact segmentation
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Feedback on core competencies and other qualitative inputs

Key complexities of customer satisfaction survey:

  • In an industrial (b2b) business context, Purchase is decided by a different hierarchy in the company and the products and services are used by different people within the customer organization;
  • Repurchase is often taken as an assumption that the customer is satisfied;
  • Each customer is different and intelligent segmentation is the key to understanding these individual customer needs

Our differentiation in Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Intelligent segmentation before Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Consideration of weightage of importance for customers (for select questions, satisfaction and importance shall be asked)
  • In-depth customer assessment (with verbatim)
  • Separate purchase satisfaction and user satisfaction
  • The model uses two factor theory of Herzberg (Hygiene and Motivation)
  • Understands engagement and loyalty (NPS method)
  • Open end questions then the rankings only, specially at sensitive areas.
  • Personl interviews by senior consultants – in depth qualitative interviews
  • Prioritizing of suggestions (higher/moderate/warm)


  • Assessment Phase (0 – 3 months)
  • Processes mapping of business processes of interface
  • Determination of attributes under the different business processes
  • Designing of profiling criterion
  • Designing of surveys to assess Customer Satisfaction
  • Conducting of Survey across the samples
  • Apply analysis and extract useful information out of it
  • Preparation of a report of findings
  • Change Phase (3 – 6 months)
  • Determination of the nature and complexion of change desired
  • Categorizing the required change in priority wise (higher/moderate/warm)
  • Mapping Change agenda with respect to its seriousness, urgency, pay off and implementation difficulty
  • Remapping business processes around Customer Satisfaction
  • Communication of Change to Customer and internally to everyone involved with Customer Satisfaction within the company


  • Statistical Analysis for quantitative data
  • Affinity Diagrams for qualitative data
  • Facilitating Root Cause Analysis
  • Drawing out a structured Plan of Action
  • Customer Segment wise / attribute wise / location wise / function wise analysis

Some of the sample parameters are:

  • Marketing process
  • Planning process
  • Commercial policy and process
  • Communication and people process
  • Delivery process
  • More than 50 attributes can be evaluated such as process, quality, behavior etc

Key challenges

  • Elimination of any form of biasness

ISO Certification:

ISO certification also requires Customer Satisfaction Survey Report, which shall be done through third party in many cases. KMRC is registered for ISO approved customer satisfaction services, where the report shall be honest and accepted by ISO regulatory body; We provide Customer Satisfaction Study for ISO certifications.

Supplier Satisfaction Survey

  • An objective basis of knowing the drivers of supplier behaviour
  • An overall approach to understand the attributes by which the supplier judges the OEM
  • A scientific basis of understanding the interaction between these attributes and determining their relative importance
  • An objectiv font-family: calibri;e and independent perspective of supplier perceptions

Employee Satisfaction Survey

  • Weakened morale of employees
  • Inappropriate work flows
  • Higher times spent in chasing departments within the company
  • Lower work efficiency
  • Higher costs of manpower
  • Reduced understanding and sensitivity to customer
  • Weakened competitiveness and capabilities

  • Our clients have benefitted in terms

    • Improved work flows
    • Higher efficiency
    • Significant cost savings
    • Enhancement of job functions
    • Improved interfaces
    • Improved employee morale
    • Improved engagement and loyalty