B2B Direct Marketing


The strongest platform to communicate with customers into B2B sales is direct marketing. Kaizen SMPO has developed Direct Marketing Services which addresses three different area which are Communication, Lead Generation and Brand Building. We provide a platform which helps organization to reach out the respective potential customers directly, where an organization can communicate directly on various features/USPs of its product & services. It helps to create a positioning of the brand such as generating customers’ willingness towards the particular product & services offered by the Client organization.

Our Clients have derived advantages as below:

  • Reach to 100% potential target market;
  • Highest level of effectiveness than any other media (i.e. expo, magazine, print media);
  • Two way communication approach (Selling client products vis a vis collecting market data);
  • Professional approach;
  • Backed by a strong research team;
  • Time Saving of Core sales team by providing Hot Leads
  • Flexible work culture;
  • Innovative strategies and approach;
  • Collective efforts towards achievement of objective;
  • Highest return on investment on SMPO activity expenditure;
  • Technical and managerial expertise of the team;
  • Highest confidentiality of information and strong ethics;
  • Creating a sales support system which can equip the client sales team to approach customer in effective and efficient way;
  • A unique model with proven success;