Advertise Impact Study

Do you know your Return on Investment on Advertisement expenditures? For digital media, it is possible at some places, however what about Out Of Home and other offline advertisement. How to understand which media worked well and should have more focus for next media planning.

Kaizen Market Research And Consultants bring new model to evaluate effectiveness of any type of advertisement and refer best suitable media mix by evaluating different media and their reach to target customers.

Advertisement Analysis is a new tool however there is a strong need to understand the media effectiveness and right media selection for any business. Corporate spend lot of budget for media especially the highly competitive sectors like telecom, banking, airlines, real estate and finance. While spending huge budget, cannot we have a professional approach and planning for media selection and expenditure.

KMRC works closely with advertisement agencies and end clients for their media planning and budgeting, with an aim to increase media effectiveness and reach. There is need of region and segment wise assessment of advertisement media and message to be conveyed. KMRC is capable to collect and analyze large samples from different markets and develop region or segment specific strategies.

KMRC Advertisement Analysis includes:

Advertisement Impact Study

Kaizen Market Research and Consultants have defined a model to identify effectiveness of media used. The model can be used for any media evaluation and the accuracy level varies from 70% to 98%. It is important to understand the effectiveness of media used, by simply identifying soft benefits are like awareness, brand image and offerings update while direct benefits like number of enquiries generated, sales numbers achieved etc. This information cannot be readily available and there is a need to conduct primary survey. The study gives answers like, how successful was the campaign to reach to target customer, does the customer understood the right message tried to convey by advertiser, how was the content, what was reach, what was action taken by customers, how to improve the advertisement experience and many more.

Advertisement effectiveness study

The effectiveness stands for the impression on customer and more qualitative effect on target customers. This study more focuses on the likes and dislikes of advertisement, advertisement content and its effect, advertisement recall and other parameters. This study help client to understand region wise and segment wise performance of media used and its effect and take decision on more efficient advertisement expenditures.

Media planning and budgeting

There are different media available for promotion. Which media will work well and how much budget should be allocated for the same is a tricky thing and decide the overall performance of advertisement. It results into media mix, expenditure budget allocation, target to reach to number of potential customers, purpose of advertisement wise, region wise, customer segment wise and product wise preferred media. Digital media has opened new doors and created more competitive option to reach to target customers. KMRC work closely with the advertisement team to help them in media planning.

New media identification

With internet, there are many new media opened, however there are traditional mass media is preferred and used by corporate. This is now time for customization and region specific or product specific or segment specific new innovative and cost effective media selection. There are many corporate which use traditional way for their communication, while there is need to identify and use new media, which bring more efficiency and return on advertisement expenditure.

Advertisement designing study

Kaizen Market Research and Consultancy help marketing team in designing and testing advertisement. There are various parameters of advertisement like purpose, aim, message, media, target segment, reach, effect etc, which design an advertisement. Kaizen Market Research work on all this aspect and help marketer to design their advertisement. There is also a pre launch and post launch testing where customer feedback shall be evaluated and understood whether the purpose of advertisement is solved or not.

Brand assessment and evaluation study

It starts from basic awareness to a Brand Value Measurement among target customer. Many times before planning of advertisement, it is very important to understand the existing scenario, based on which the goal can be set. Brand assessment can be of two type, where the first is before launching any advertisement, this helps to understand the position and also help in media planning accordingly. The second would be after the campaign, to understand what effect of advertisement. KMRC can also do competitive brand image analysis; this will help client to benchmark and understand the strength and weaknesses of competitors.

Kaizen Market Research and consultancy is one of the best market research company located in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat, Mumbai and many other locations in India.

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